Meet Libre Folio for iPad

March 23, 2015

CaseStudi presents Libre Folio for iPad, a multifunctional, fully customizable, protective folio and keyboard folio for iPad that introduces the world’s first interchangeable cover design that never before seen in an iPad keyboard folio case. The detachable and interchangeable keyboard cover is the slimmest Bluetooth wireless keyboard available with 5-step adjustable backlit yet offers premium feel and feedback. An additional non-keyboard cover is included for occasions keyboard is not needed. Made with premium PU leather, the super-slim back case doubles as a hands-free viewing stand and desktop typing wedge. Libre Folio for iPad is available now in Walnut for $79.99. 

Libre Folio for iPad is a beautiful, feature packed, well thought out modern design. The back case protects the back side of iPad, doubles as a hands free viewing stand and desktop typing wedge. Snap on one of the two available covers according to the occasions. Flip open the cover and Libre Folio even wakes up your iPad. If you are looking for clean modern keyboard and protection folio for your iPad, there's nothing quite as thin or elegant as Libre.

The ultra slim keyboard cover snap onto the back case magnetically, pairs with iPad wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. 5-Step adjustable backlit makes Libre the slimmest backlit keyboard in the world. The unique detachable design ensures the best possible typing position and distance every single time. The keyboard cover provides protection to the iPad screen and it is also auto-wake ready.

The keyboard cover is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. It can be paired with up to 3 devices, switch between devices like Smart TV, computer, smartphone and anything support Bluetooth HID profile with a touch of a button.

Snap on the non-keyboard cover for additional lightness and slimness when keyboard is not needed. The non-keyboard cover provides protection to the iPad screen and it is also auto-wake ready.

“We focused in addressing all shortcomings all iPad keyboard folio available in the market which is the bulkiness, inflexibilities, dull color selections etc… We are also aware of the increasingly numbers of devices in normal household are in need for a wireless keyboard that is light and compact. We started from the drawing board, determined to come up with a keyboard folio that resolves all these shortcomings and this is how the Libre Folio is born." said Damon Poon, Creative Director of CaseStudi. “We understand a good keyboard is essential, we spent tremendous hours in research and development by ensure the best possible feedback and feel, making the keyboard as slim as possible and we also manage to add the backlit feature making the world’s slimmest backlit keyboard that support multi-devices. We are proud of the Libre Folio and we are convinced that the Libre is the best keyboard folio for iPad you’ve ever seen.”

Libre Folio for iPad is available in Walnut. Wrap your iPad in a sleek Libre Folio for iPad. Purchase your Libre Folio for iPad today for just $79.99 at

Case Studi
Case Studi